What Does an IRS Lawyer Do?

What Does an IRS Lawyer Do

What does an IRS lawyer do? This is a question that continues to be asked by many people dealing with tax issues across the nation. An IRS attorney essentially helps people with personal or business income tax matters.

With years of extensive legal experience, IRS attorneys can help alleviate the frustration and stress of financial tax problems and issues. If you need tax help or assistance, most attorneys offer complimentary consultations for new clients.

How Can a Tax Attorney Help Me?

A tax attorney can help you navigate the murky waters of tax law. In fact, he or she will serve as a legal advisor, as well as financial consultant, to make sure your finances are back in line. Whether you are dealing with back taxes, audits, or other tax matters—you need a certified, reputable, and seasoned attorney on your side. He or she will defend your legal rights in these matters, while working hard to get you back on the right path to financial freedom and success.

Most IRS attorneys have degrees in financing or accounting. Similarly, most have completed law degrees, as well as passed the bar exams in their respective states. However, not all tax attorneys are board certified, so it’s important to ask plenty of questions while reviewing lawyer services and reviews online.

What Situations Call for a Tax Attorney?

Tax attorneys are fully-trained and experienced in a myriad of tax and financial situations. In fact, a tax lawyer can protect your legal rights in criminal tax matter cases. This might include tax evasion, along with owing back taxes or simply not filing when you were supposed to.

What Does an IRS Lawyer Do


Similarly, they can help exonerate you and your good name, while helping you avoid hefty fines and imprisonment. In addition, a tax attorney can give you timely advice on removing tax liens on your business or personal assets.

Tax attorneys can help you avoid wage garnishment and having your bank accounts frozen or levied due to outstanding tax-related issues. Your financial lawyer can even represent you in audits. Remember, any IRS audit allows folks to have legal counsel representing and defending their rights. Tax attorneys will speak on your behalf, as well as working hard to ensure favorable outcomes for all their clients. Here are a few more areas of specialty for tax lawyers:

  • Help you plan your will and estate, including funeral plans, property divisions, and financial allocation for surviving loved ones, friends, etc.
  • Help you set aside money for final expenses, funeral costs, and any outstanding bills.
  • Help you designate someone to look after your estate after you are gone.
  • Assist in preventing properties from ending up in escrow, while ensuring your loved ones and designated appointees are fully taken care of.
  • Help you with charitable endeavors, tax write-offs, taxable income, and practically everything you need that is financially or tax related.

Choosing the Right Tax Attorney

Choosing the right tax attorney does not have to be an arduous task. In fact, it’s as simple as reviewing the lawyer or firm’s background and experience. Check to see which services they offer, along with any positive reviews, citations, or industry mentions they have received.

Similarly, check to see if they offer free consultations, which are perfect for asking questions and receiving timely answers. By doing your homework, you can select the right legal counsel for your tax issues within a timely and affordable manner.

Dealing with the IRS is never an easy ordeal for families and individuals. However, you do have legal rights and they must be protected across the board in any tax matter. With this in mind, simply contact your local tax lawyer today and get the help and representation you deserve.

Does Alabama Allow Burn Injury Victims to Sue?

A burn injury can be a life-altering injury in some cases. Even a minor burn injury is still going to require immediate medical attention. With burn injuries being so serious, it makes sense that a lot of people end up talking to an injury lawyer to see if they can make some type of case. Some burn injuries happen by accident, while other times someone needs to be held responsible.

Just a simple burn injury still needs to be treated by a professional medical staff in almost every case. An emergency room visit is standard procedure for any burn victims, especially if the burn is severe. Some of the main causes of a burn include fire, hot liquids, chemicals, smoke, flammable items, and more. Basically, anything that has a little bit of heat has an opportunity to cause damage to the skin and/or hair of a person.

Does Alabama Allow Burn Injury Victims to Sue

A first-degree burn can still be painful and in need of medical attention, but it only affects the outer layer of the skin. With a second-degree burn, there is damage to not only the epidermis, but layer right below it (dermis). The one that everyone dreads is, of course, a third-degree burn, which damages all the layers of skin and tissue on the body. About the only way to recover fully is to have some skin grafting done.

In most states, it really comes down to who is responsible for the burn injury. If there is a fire in a public place that was caused due to negligence, there is no doubt that a person has a solid case against that party. The same can be said for something like being served a hot drink that is much hotter than normal. It is sometimes tricky to prove fault in some of these cases, but it can be done with the right legal representation.

With people in the state of Alabama, there are quite a few wondering exactly when they can and can’t sue. Does Alabama allow burn injury victims to sue? Certainly, but it usually takes quite a bit of evidence to show that the burn injury was caused by someone else. Getting all the medical bills and lost wages covered certainly helps those people who go through such a traumatizing experience. That is why so many people seek legal advice with an Alabama personal injury lawyer.

What to Expect After You Send a Personal Injury Demand Letter

If you are involved in an accident and sustained an injury that was due to the negligence of another, you are entitled to receive financial compensation. Financial compensation can include all accident-related medical costs, medication, physical therapy, property damage, pain and suffering, and missed wages due to time away from work.

The single most important step you can take is to enlist the help of an experienced personal injury lawyer in Spartanburg. Your personal injury lawyer will walk you through the entire process of your claim and advise you on what to expect after you send a personal injury demand letter.

Filing a Personal Injury Claim

If you are seeking financial compensation for an accident that caused you an injury, you will want to file a personal injury claim. Your first step in the process should be hiring an experienced and knowledgeable local personal injury lawyer. Negligence laws vary from state to state, which is why it is advantageous to hire a lawyer familiar with the laws governing the state where the accident took place.

Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

Your personal injury lawyer will assess your case and advise you on how best to proceed. They will give you a ballpark figure of what you can expect in terms of compensatory damages. Your lawyer will help collect all pertinent documentation, such as medical reports and witness testimonials. They will ensure that all paperwork is filled out correctly and filed on time to avoid costly mistakes or delays.

Personal Injury Demand Letter

To officially start your claim, the plaintiff (person who is filing the claim) must write a letter to the defendant (person the claim is being filed against). In the letter, the plaintiff must clearly state their intention to pursue compensation and the amount.

The response of the defendant dictates how your claim proceeds. If the defendant refuses to pay or denies negligence, your claim will become a lawsuit. Your lawyer will advise you on how to prepare for the possibility of going to court. They will guide you on what to expect and how to answer questions, especially in the instances of depositions or testifying in court. Your lawyer will work with you to determine and weak spots in your case and build you the strongest possible case based on maximizing its strengths and downplaying any holes or weaknesses.

After you send a personal injury demand letter, you should be prepared that the defendant might not respond the way you want or expect. In addition to refusing to pay or denying negligence, they could also claim a contributory negligence defense, stating that you were partially to blame for the accident that caused your injury. Depending on whether the state that your accident took place governs itself under contributory or comparative negligence laws will affect the outcome of your case.  In states that employ the contributory negligence laws, if you are found to be even slightly negligent in the cause of the accident, you could lose your right to financial compensation entirely. Most states adhere to comparative negligence laws that adjust entitlement based on an assigned percentage of negligence. The best thing you can do to prepare for going to court is to listen to the advice of your legal counsel.

Top Reasons to Call a Traffic Ticket Attorney

A traffic ticket is not supposed to be the end of the world, but some people might be considering a traffic ticket attorney. There are many advantages to hiring one, as it can sometimes save a person quite a bit of money. When thinking about whether to hire one, here are a few things to consider.

For starters, an attorney is going to know all the different types of technicalities in the law. There are a lot of ways to fight a traffic ticket, and maybe an average person is not going to know exactly how to go about it. Just getting that extra bit of knowledge can certainly go a long way.

One of the top reasons to call a traffic ticket attorney is simply because they can represent you in court. Showing up alone can be a very difficult situation, especially for somebody who is not used to court in general. Not only can they possibly get a ticket dropped, but they can also help with suspended licenses and possible points on a record.

A common misconception is that a traffic ticket attorney is going to be too expensive. That is simply not the case. In some cases, they can actually save a person money and be pretty cheap in general. Some ticket attorneys will actually only work for free, opting for a payout only if they are able to reduce charges. Normally, the payout is cheaper than the ticket.

Finally, an attorney is just somebody who can help reduce stress with everything surrounding a ticket. It is very nerve-wracking for some people to get pulled over, so maybe they do not want to deal with all the issues afterward. It can be even trickier for somebody who gets a ticket where they do not live. An attorney is able to help out from far away and maybe even help with not having to show up for court at all.

The best way to get started is to search around when it comes to different options locally. There are so many different attorney options in just about every major city, and even smaller cities will have options for anyone looking for a little bit of help. The city of New York, for example, is one of the most difficult cities to deal with when it comes to traffic tickets. That is why so many people look for a traffic ticket defense lawyer in NYC. It might be frustrating to get pulled over and issued a ticket, but there is help for those who really need it.

Suing for Sex Abuse in the #MeToo Era

It’s an unfortunate reality that many incidents of sexual abuse go unreported. Sex abuse victims often carry guilt that they are partly to blame, or shame and embarrassment at what took place; these feelings led, and still lead, many people to carry the secret with them. When it comes to sex abuse in the workplace, especially for women, up until recently, many of those cases went unreported as well.

Sexual abuse is a hard thing to prove and often involves the word of one person against another. As 2017 saw numerous women in the entertainment industry speaking out against current and past acts of sexual harassment, the issues of sexual abuse and harassment were brought into the limelight like never before. The birth of that movement was christened the #MeToo Movement, and it has brought with it changes regarding suing for sex abuse in the #MeToo era.

The #MeToo Movement

What started as the prompt from a famous woman to post “#MeToo” on Twitter if they had faced sexual harassment or abuse, quickly caught-on and became a global movement for feminism and accountability.

The #MeToo movement is about supporting and strengthening survivors of sexual abuse. Whether the abuse happened to individuals when they were younger, or more recently as adults in the workplace, the goal of #MeToo was to open-up a global dialogue on a subject left to slumber for too long.

After Harvey Weinstein was kicked out of the film academy due to the decades-long allegations made against him of sexual abuse and harassment, the movement went viral. Figure-headed by numerous famous singers and actresses, the movement gained even more steam as members of the entertainment industry began sharing their stories and struggles of sexual harassment and abuse.

#MeToo Prompts Companies to Strategize

In the wake of the #MeToo Movement, individuals and companies were forced to examine their practices regarding sexual harassment, abuse, and more importantly, prevention. Human Resources departments had to review their policies and start sharing an initiative aimed at protecting employers and their employees.

Suing for Sex Abuse

The #MeToo movement has certainly accomplished its task: raising awareness and opening-up a dialogue, but how has it changed in actual lawsuits? With the revelation that workplace sexual harassment is much more rampant than originally thought, management and employers must be extra cautious about how they respond to claims of sexual harassment.

Due to the changing mental climate of sexual harassment, when it comes to suing for sex abuse in the #MeToo era, studies have shown that jurors are more likely to rule in favor of the plaintiff in lawsuits of sexual harassment. What this means is that for those brave enough to come forward is that lawsuits are more likely to be a win for the plaintiff, thanks to the #MeToo Movement. If you feel you have been sexually abused or harassed, contact a sex abuse attorney in Chicago.

What a Criminal Lawyer Can Do For You

What a Criminal Lawyer Can Do For You

Whereas civil law focuses on resolving disputes between two parties and providing just compensation to the victims, criminal law concentrates on meting out punishment to the ones responsible for the crimes committed.

This body of law is seen as essential in regulating how people behave within communities. It serves to prohibit any activity that could be dangerous to the physical health, mental health, and property of individuals. It defines all of the technical details of every crime and their corresponding punishment.

Each state has their own unique laws. If you are charged with a crime in Austin, Texas, then it’s probably a good idea to contact a criminal attorney licensed to practice law in Texas to protect your rights.To learn about wrongful death; visit: https://www.deathwatching.info/life-after-wrongful-death/

Crime Statistics

Austin is considered as one of the biggest cities in Texas in terms of population with almost a million residents. It’s a prosperous city with a large economy and a sprawling urban center. It has its share of crimes like any other place but the numbers are relatively low compared to the other metropolitan areas in the state. According to the 2013 data from the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reports, Austin is the safest mega city around these parts with a violent crime rate that is only a third of the worst performing city. It is definitely a good place to live in if you are conscious about safety.

It has a reputation for being a low crime urban paradise and the numbers attest to the truth of this image. A ranking of all the cities in the list puts it at 21st place out of a total of 24. When compared to the main metropolitan areas in Texas, it is definitely the safest of them all. The murder rate is only 2.8 incidents for every 100,000 in the population which is an incredibly low figure. Of the violent crimes in the city, robbery does not even reach 20% – better than Houston, Dallas or San Antonio. While the numbers are impressive, crimes still happen and those involved will need a criminal lawyer for their defense.

Capital Punishment

Individuals who are charged of a crime could face harsh penalties under Texas law. In fact, the state provides the most severe punishment of all: the death penalty. It has executed more inmates compared to all other states with a 537 count since 1982. The method used today is lethal injection. Only those who have been convicted of capital murder can be punished with death in this manner. Lesser crimes are typically punished with jail sentences, the length of which is determined by the gravity of the offense. The courts may also order convicted criminals to provide compensation for the victims or their family.

What a Criminal Lawyer Can Do For You

Capital murder is defined in the Texas Penal Code as premature killing of another human being with an aggravating factor. This could be murder that is committed while trying to escape a penal institution or attempting to carry out a felony. The type of victims matters as well. A case is elevated to capital murder if those killed are on-duty officers or firefighters. The same is true for victims who are justice of the courts or those who are under 10 years of age. These are considered as heinous crimes that are highly detrimental to society. Note that capital punishment is not automatic.

The prosecution will work hard towards a conviction so the defense must be prepared to present counter-arguments. However, the legal team may elect to forego the death penalty even if the defendant is found guilty. They can do this if the family of the victim asks them to and if they believe that the defendant is truly worthy of being put to death. The trial will be long and consist of two phases. The first phase will determine whether the person is guilty or innocent. The second phase will determine the appropriate punishment should there be a guilty verdict.

Hire a Criminal Lawyer

The stakes are high in criminal trials. With prison time or even death looming, persons charged deserve to have the best legal representation possible. An Austin criminal lawyer will help clients post bail whenever possible so that they can remain with their families throughout this trying time. They will need all the support they can get. Lawyers will also make sure that they don’t get questioned in any manner that would harm their chances of acquittal. The rights of the accused will be protected. After all, the law states that everyone is considered as innocent until proven guilty in the courts. Click here to get more about criminal lawyer.

Court cases are long drawn out processes that will present multiple challenges at every corner. Suspects need experienced legal minds who know exactly what to do no matter what might transpire in and out of trial. They should also be incredibly alert to find holes in the testimony of the prosecution’s witnesses. Their line of questioning during the cross-examination should highlight these holes and inconsistencies to place doubt in the minds of the jury. Reasonable doubt is usually all that’s needed for an acquittal.

Even petty crimes can result in jail time. Things like drunk driving, for instance, may land someone in prison even if the act did not have any victims. Your attorney will work towards a dismissal of the case whenever possible by putting into question the circumstances surrounding the arrest and testing. In cases where guilt cannot be denied, a lawyer may still be able to lower the conviction and have the client avoid jail time through probation. If you ever find yourself charged with crime, then be sure to hire a reputable lawyer immediately.

In many cases, the defendant’s insurance is always willing to negotiate a plea deal instead of wasting their time and resources trying to fight a case they might lose. In such cases, your lawyer will negotiate a deal that will ensure you get a fair settlement. 

For some victims medical care is often inaccessible. As a result, these professionals may end up forfeiting their capacity to work and serve their families, even post a minor accident. Therefore, they require protection to be prepared for the worst possibilities.