“Walking down the street can be life-threatening.” This isn’t something most people would expect to hear. In fact, walking is usually promoted for good health. The state of Florida, however, has become the deadliest state for pedestrians in recent years due to pedestrians being hit by cars. 

Out of the twenty deadliest cities in the United States for pedestrians, nine are in Florida! Lakeland is a large metropolitan city that sits on the outskirts of Tampa Bay, and Tampa Bay ranks ninth in the nation for deadliest pedestrian cities. It’s not surprising that Lakeland has its fair share of pedestrian accidents as well, with many residents driving to and from the Tampa Bay area for work. 

Every personal injury attorney in Lakeland, Miami, Orlando, and Jacksonville gets the majority of their cases from car accident injuries, pedestrian injuries, and other accidents related to the road. You’d think other large cities with congested roadways would have the same issues and while they surely have accidents, their pedestrian-related fatalities are far less. Why is this so?

Why Pedestrians Fatalities Are Occurring in Florida

Florida is working hard to understand why so many pedestrian deaths are occurring. It seems to be a combination of faulty roadway design, lack of police enforcement, and lack of education, which is why the state is increasing efforts on all fronts to improve these conditions. Some of the ways Florida is trying to reduce pedestrian accidents include the following:

  • Educating pedestrians as a first form of enforcement, as opposed to immediately giving out citations
  • Providing first responders with proper education to better handle the injuries of crash victims
  • Adding more pedestrian lighting to high fatality areas 
  • Providing pedestrian interval signal phasing for intersections where crashes commonly occur

Preventing Pedestrian Death in the Future

Hopefully, by noticing the increase in pedestrian fatalities and working hard to prevent further fatalities, pedestrians will feel safer crossing roadways and walking along sidewalks in metropolitan areas, like Lakeland. 

Walking isn’t just a privilege, it’s a right that we’re all entitled to. We should all be able to walk in our local cities, get to where we’re going, and feel safe while doing so. Vehicle drivers need to remain aware of their surroundings at all times so that crosswalks can be utilized by pedestrians without fear.

If you live in Lakeland or another large city in Florida where pedestrian deaths are high, beware when crossing the street. In the future, we hope this warning won’t be necessary.